Author: Andrew Garcia

Why Volunteering is Good for Children

Volunteer work is work done freely often with minimal or no compensation. Many people choose to volunteer their time for a cause they believe in and feel is worthwhile. Volunteering is good for adults. It’s also good for children. It’s never too early to let kids volunteer their time. When kids engage in volunteer work, […]

Service Project Ideas for Young Scouts

One of the best things about the Sea Scouts is that it teaches children how to serve their communities. We have so much fun doing service work for the community. Here are a few projects we have participated in and some ideas for your group of scouts. Make holiday cards for patients in nursing homes […]

What to Do if You Get Separated from Your Group

Getting lost or separated from the group can be a scary thing. A great way to remember what to do is to think about the acronym STOP. Stay Put – it’s much easier for your group to be able to find you if you stay where you are. Find a safe space and stay there. […]